Thursday, 2 February 2017

More my style.

Yet another  card with that stamp set.
 I think  this is more my style and this is probably my favourite  creation over the last few days.

Because  water was involved in the making of this card, I used dark brown Stazon ink to stamp the lady onto craft card.
Then I painted the image and the background with white craft ink mixed with a tiny amount of water.
Some areas had two  or three layers of ink to make these areas brighter.  Once the white ink was dry, I sponged a little brown ink along to bottom. This looked a little harsh, so I  brushed a little white ink over the brown to soften it.

I stamped some  foliage  on each side using the stamp set Pocket Silhouettes.

With an S.U marker in soft suede,  I drew over the female image to strengthen the lines that had been covered by white ink.
For the background I used the "I love lace"  stamp and Early Espresso  ink.  This was mounted onto dark brown card and then adhered to the craft card base.


Ann said...

Hello Laura. Having seen your beautiful card on Cardmaking Tips, I have today discovered your blog! I just love this stamp, and the different ways you have used it. I have also discovered it is expensive! Should I decide to buy it, could I get it through you? I have placed your blog in my 'Favourites' folder and will now visit it regularly! Congratulations on some lovely cards.

Laura Kimber said...

Hello Ann ,
Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I am so happy that my cards are inspiring you. I know what you mean about the expense, £35 for the wood mount stamps does seem a lot of money, but when you consider there are 13 stamps in the set, they work out at less than £2.70 each. How much do you pay for a single stamp in a craft shop? I have paid as much as £11 for a single medium size stamp.
When you think like that you can see they are good value and the quality is fantastic. Another way of looking at it is... how many hours of fun will you get out of this set.
Last time I went to the cinema with my husband it cost about the same, with the drinks and popcorn and that only lasted three hours. Your stamp set will last you years and years. years later you can get them out and play with them again and get just as much fun out of them.

There is a cheaper option you could get the clear mount stamps they are £25 red rubber without the wood block so you'll need an acrylic block.

Ann I would be happy to order them for you, but you didn't leave me a way of contacting you.

pam said...

I just love the colours you have used. Thank you for sharing. I have just ordered that stamp set here in Australia and can hardly wait to have it in my hot little hands!!!

pam said...

Beautiful card and great colours. I have just ordered that stamp set here in Australia and can't wait to start using it!!

Marina said...

Thanks so much Laura . . . beautiful card. I love it when I find examples or tutorials on how to use my "Beautiful Lady" stamps. I adore this stamps . . . for me it represents "life". Thanks and thanks again.