Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Moonlight Card

My third post of the day is this Moonlight card.
Recipe. Whisper white card stock.
The ink pads used were;
Marina mist,
Midnight muse,
Black craft ink all from SU 
White gel pen
Black marker pen.
Serene silhouettes stamp set and the pocket silhouettes  stamp set.
The detailed instructions are the same as on the sunset card I posted last week. So I 'll try to condense the instructions on this card.

Using Marina mist ink pad and a sponge lightly sponge the centre of the sky  leave it  quite patchy and uneven.

Position the mask for the moon over the patchy sponging here you want your moon to go.
Mask off the bottom half of your card and sponge the  the sky using  a gentle circular motion starting from the centre of the moon mask and working outwards towards the edges of the paper.
When you feel you have applied enough of the lighter ink. Change over to Midnight Muse ink pad  and sponge the edges of the card working in towards the centre of the card. make sure the corner of the card are the darkest part and try and aim for an arch shape going over the moon with the darker ink.

With the sky  inked up you can now turn your attention to the lower half of you card.
remove the  horizon mask turn it round and cover the the sky with it. make sure  the edge  of the horizon mask is dead in line with the base of the moon /sun.
Sponge  the middle area of the card with the lighter ink leave some lighter areas in streaks going across the card stock.
Change to darker ink  and sponge in  the horizon line, be sure not to go over your lighter areas too much.
Then sponge the edges and corners of the card working in towards the lighter area , overlap the lighter area slightly.

Now here,  you can tear a ragged V shape into some scrap paper and place it over the edge of your card and sponge black in over it to form the rocks,  or  you could use a  black marker pen and scribble the rocks in.     ( Here I sponged in the rocks,)
Stamp your silhouette images over the rocks, over the edges of the card , over the bottom  edge of the card to make a scene you like .......Allow this ink to dry thoroughly before using the white gel pen.
Top Tip... when using the gel pen  to try NOT to be precise. it looks a lot better if you apply the white highlights  in a slap dash, hap hazard way.

I applied some white lines  at the base of the rocks and  gently smudged them and then re applied the white lines and smudged them again to get the misty,  sea spray/ water lapping against the rocks  look.  
A few lightly smudged  dashes going across the water to give the impression of ripples in the water.   Add dot and dashed to  the edges of the plant life, rocks and  anywhere where the moonlight may hit .
Add some tiny stars to the sky.
The shooting star was a happy accident,..... I smudged a star so I just added another white dot at the point of the smudge...... Hey Presto!! I had a shooting star.
Had the shooting star been more prominent I would have  added  the greeting make a wish.

Ummm,  Just re read  this post...... guess I am not too good at condensing things down..   :-)


Deborah said...

You can do amazing things with sponges!! Your cards are gorgeous, Laura. Thanks so much for sharing your 'how-to' for us.

Skyp said...

The best 'moon' card I've ever seen! Beautiful work.

Skyp said...

Best 'moon' card I've ever seen. Love the use of the waste stamp as hills. Beautiful work.

Laura Kimber said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Robin.