Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ribbon Storage

I  looking on the internet for some magnetic sheets for my dies when I came across boxes for storing ribbons I thought about ordering  one then realized I would need  more than one to store my ribbon collection but I was getting very tired of having to sort through several baskets all resembling the  tangled mess you see here.
So I looked around a found some shoe boxes and  Okay, so it 's not very attractive to look at  but it's just a trial thing to see if it works. This ribbon storage box was made from a shoe box two lengths of dowel 2" longer than the box ,  four large beads to fit the ends of the dowels and a length of elastic to wrap tightly round the box.

Tools needed  ...... a sharp craft knife to cut the slots for the ribbon to feed through in the sides of the box. You could  just lay them over the top of edge of the box if you don't want to cut the slots.

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Anonymous said...

That looks really useful Laura - i'm off to find something similar to make one too. Thanks for sharing. Rae Smith, Townsville, Australia