Sunday, 19 March 2017

Water colouring with ink

Last week I shared a card that was sent to me by the very talented Debbie of Arakoola Kard Art.  
Her card inspired me to have a go at the technique she used.

I use insulating tape instead of masking tape because the only width of masking tape I could find was 2 inches wide.  

I did notice that the insulating was less tacky than  the masking tape I have used in the past, that usually ended up with me tearing my work when removing the masking tape.

The insulting tape was slightly narrower and didn't tear the paper as often and you can re use the strips a few times before  having to discard them.
 I used  S.U refill  inks instead of water colours to colour the background.W

I did make a third card  using this technique and  I did photograph it. But I had an issue with my laptop and the photo's were deleted as they were being uploaded.  Hubby had already posted the third card so I couldn't re photograph  that one.

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