Sunday, 19 March 2017

Quick Technique

Here's a technique for creating the quick background paper.
 An ideal technique for those that don't like colouring or if you just need a quick way of adding colour to certain stamps. 

I took the  polymer leaf stamp and stuck it to the acrylic block upside down. Yes,  I did say UPSIDE DOWN. 
I inked up the WRONG side of the stamp with a mid green ink and stamped the solid image multiple times over my paper.  
When the paper was covered,  I flipped the stamp over,  inked up the detail side of the stamp with a darker green  ink and stamped  the detail over all the solid images.

It doesn't work with all stamps. First the stamps have to be polymer and secondly they have to be  symmetrical. 
Also the back of the stamp is larger than the detail side,  so your solid image will be slightly larger than the detail.

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