Thursday, 23 February 2017

Christmas Teddy

Yes I know ... Christmas is a long way off, but I found some photocopies of some drawings I did many, many years ago, while clearing out my craft room.

"Nice"  stamps were few and far between or too expensive for my pocket.
So I drew this  image along with many other  Christmas  Teddy  images  to make cards for the children I worked with.
 I'm afraid my drawing skills  didn't progressed much after  I hit 12 years old. 
But still,  I thought I'd  try colouring one of these images using Copic Markers to see how it turned out.
I have to say it does looks better coloured with markers. 

Photocopying them  all those years ago was not only a huge time saver,  but toner doesn't run when you add water.  Which meant painting them was a lot easier. 
In those days finding an ink that didn't bleed when water was applied was difficult.

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