Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Florence's hospital stay.

This is Florence, she has been our granddaughters favourite bear for years. Florence is a  very well travelled bear. Everywhere Ellie went Florence went too.  

Recently poor Florence had an unfortunate encounter with her other grandma's dog.         The encounter left Florence with some serious damage to her face.  Her dress was shredded and beyond repair. So Florence had to go to teddy bear hospital.                                                    This is when hubby and I decided to have some fun with her.
Once Florence arrived at hospital  she was accessed.
Florence later  dictated a letter to a nurse to send home to  her mum.
The letter informed  Ellie of the procedures she would be having, facial reconstruction, two eye transplants, a nose job and a good bath and brush up. This was quite a lengthy letter explaining things from  Florence's perspective.
To cut a very long story short Florence had her facial reconstruction surgery and during her time in hospital it was discovered she was pregnant. 
Poor Florence then had to have an emergency C section.  

Hubby raided the garage for some tubing and a some wire so we could make and hook up a drip to make the photo's we were sending Ellie look authentic.

I made a new dress to replace her shredded one. I decorated  a straw hat  with paper flowers and organza ribbons to hide  her missing ear.
Florence's bandages stayed on until her mum came to collect her.

Ellie was delighted to be re united with her beloved Florence and the new baby.

Ellie  has named the new baby Edward.
Florence and Edward  were discharged from hospital on Saturday.

Edward was created with wool roving and felting needles.
I lost count of the amount of times I stabbed my fingers while making Edward. The look on Ellie's face made the sore fingers  worth it .

An old, printed hospital sheet came in handy for this project.


Stephanie Fischer said...

I was completely entranced by this story, your ingenuity and sense of fun! ... Not to mention your skill - Edward is gorgeous!

Laura Kimber said...

Awww Thank you Stephanie. It was fun to do.