Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Beautiful You 2

Regular readers of my blog will know, I enjoy creating silhouette cards.
 I am not really sure about this one. It started out as an experiment to see how the dancing female looked as a silhouette.

I used;
Marina Mist ink pad.
Midnight Muse ink pad, 
Night of Navy ink pad, 
Black pigment ink such as S.U 's black craft ink or black Versacolor,
White Gel pen, 
Black marker pen.
Beautiful you Stamp set,
Pocket silhouettes  stamp set, 
Sponge daubers. Post it notes.
 1  1/2  inch  Circle punch or die to create a positive and negative mask for moon.

 First I punched out a large circle from a post it note and used the negative to mask off the sky around the moon.

 With  a sponge dauber and light strokes, I applied a little ink through the aperture to add a little colour to the moon.

I  removed the negative mask and covered the moon with the positive mask to protect it.

With  Marina Mist ink and  the same sponge dauber,  start sponging the sky,  starting ON  the moon mask working outwards towards the edges.

 You'll need to take your time this part  and you will need to keep applying the lighter ink until you have the good coverage over the majority of the card.

Using Night of Navy ink and a sponge dauber, apply ink to the edges of the card working inwards, about 3/4 s of an  inch. Start inking from the bottom of one side working uo the side , along the top and down the other side in a rough arch shape. Leave the bottom edge un inked.

The Midnight Muse ink was used in between the  Night of Navy and Marina Mist to soft and blend  where the colours meet. This does not have to be perfectly blended, just so long as there are no  hard, straight lines of  colour.

Place a post it note over the bottom third of the card and apply Night of Nay ink with a dauber over the edge of the post it to create the horizon. 
You may notice a dark patch on the left of the photo below. This because I picked up  my black dauber instead of the navy one. Rather than scrap my sample piece, I decided to carry on and see how it turned out.

Remove the moon mask and with a black Memento  ink  stamped the  lady in the centre. I used Memento ink as I will be using alcohol marker to colour the image in and I don't want the ink to smudge.

 On this sample I stamped her a little higher than I wanted her, which meant I had to raise my horizon line  a little.
Which just goes to proves,  most errors can be rectified.

Using silhouette foliage stamps and black pigment ink, ( such as S.U's  black craft ink or Versacolour ) stamp some foliage in the bottom corners. 

Allow the ink to dry thoroughly this may take some time as pigment inks are much slower drying, but this can be speeded up with a heat gun.

I  previously said, I used a black marker to colour in the stamped image on my first card.  On this sample I used Copic Marker BV29  (Slate) , It is not as strong or  as intense as black so it almost looks like the moonlight is shining  through her skirt.

A little black ink was added to the bottom corners to give the impression of solid land.

Final touches were added using a white gel pen was used to add highlights on the edges of leaves, the lady  and  to create the stars and ripples on the water. These are just random dots and dashes,   but they really lift the scene.

Photo's now added to help you make sense of my ramblings.

Thanks for dropping in.   I hope you like this project and give it a try.

Don't forget to....Credit the creator.


Barbara Cost said...

I think your card is beautiful!! I would love to case it, but not sure if I will be able too!! If you can give any instructions on how you did it, that would be awesome!! Great Job!!

Barbara Cost said...

Your card is beautiful!! I think you did an awesome job. I would like to case it but not sure if I can. If you can provide any instructions on how you made it, that would be great!! Thanks for sharing and like I said - great card!!

Michelle Clarke said...

Beautiful card! Thanks for the step by step instructions!

Mary Rodgers said...

This card is amazing.........out of all the samples I've see using this set, yours stands out as the only one making it into a silhouette. I'll have to get my nerve up to try it. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Kate Stockman said...


Laura Kimber said...

Thank you Ladies for your lovely comments. I love reading them and it encourages me to keep posting my creations.

Sandie said...

Thank you so much for your time in explaining all the steps towards making this beautiful card. You have inspired me.

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Oh this is so fabulous, I love it. I have to make one now too. Thank you for the inspiration!

Evelyn said...

Hi Laura
My Stampin Up instructor has been trying to encourage me to buy this stamp set saying it has so many possibilities. However it wasn't until I read your blog and your instructions for this beautiful card that I was inspired to buy the set. Now, I will have to CASE your card to show my friends how beautiful this stamp set can be.
Many thanks Laura for your easy-to-follow guide to beautiful ideas. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and incredible pieces of art.

Laura Kimber said...

Awwww Evelyn .. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I am so glad I have inspired you... and a few others by the looks of things. lol. I have to say of all the new stamps that came out in the spring summer catalogue this was the one that jumped out at me, as a must have. Although I really didn't have a clue what I was going to do with it at all when it arrived. It was just a case of playing with it and seeing what happened. My first cards were clean cut and simple. I got more ideas and confidence the more I played with it. I hope you will have the same experience when you get your set. Thank you again. Laura x

AndreaBastelmaus said...

Oh wow - what a beautiful card and great instruction. I love it!
Thank you! In the furure - I will follow your blog ;)
Have a nice sunday - Andrea

Susan Miller said...

Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this card. Susan in Aberdeen, MD

Rob I said...

This is stunning. Thank you for all your hints and techniques

Kim Hadad said...

Wow! I your card on Pinterest and just had to click on it to get to your site to see how you did this. such a beautiful card and really gives you a feeling of joy1

Anonymous said...

This gave a friend and I such joy to recreate ~ we made 3 each and will make more. Just love it. Stunning and beautiful!! When our demonstrator shared the set with us we all just looked at each other and wondered who we'd send that card to but this has convinced us it has some great possibilities. She's sold on the set now also. Thank you for sharing the card and instructions

Laura Kimber said...

Thank you so much annon. I am glad to have inspired you to have a go at this. I am even more pleased to read you and your friend enjoyed making the cards. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. Comments like yours i spire me to continue doing tutorials and samples to inspire others to ...have a go.I hope you will try re creating some of the other samples with this truely is a lovely set to work with.

Claudia Moore said...

So beautiful! i want to try it...but a little nervous. We will see.....

Laura Kimber said...

Its easier than it looks Claudia..give it a try if you dont like what you ve done all you ve wasted is a piece of card..

Kim said...


Anonymous said...

A simply stunning work of art!
Emi, from WI

Sandy said...

Question? What inkpad color did you use on the moon? Thanks.

Laura Kimber said...

Hi Sandy. It s Marina mist ink on the moon.the tiniest amouny on a sponge.

Sandy said...

Thank you. One more question. Can you tell I am trying this? The arms and legs are darker. In those instances, did you resort to black marker or was all coloring in variations of slate.

Sandy said...

May I bother you with one more question. Did you color in the legs and arms with black marker or did you use the slate marker. Can you tell I am trying to replicate this?

Thank you.

Sandy said...

May I ask another question. Is all the coloring of the girl done in the slate marker including the arms and legs? I love this so much, I have to give it a try. Thank you.

Laura Kimber said...

Ha ha yes sandy it is all coloured using slate marker.

Laura Kimber said...

Yes sandy...aa far as i can remember i coloured it all using slate copic marker i may have gone over the arms and legs a couple of times to make them more solid than the dress. There is no reason you cant use a black marker on arms and legs if you like. I chose slate for dress as its not as dense as black and thought it would give a hint of moonlight through the fabric of her dress. I hope you are having fun trying this one.

Terri said...

Absolutely stunning! Really took my breath away! You are extremely talented! Thank you so much for sharing all of the steps in such great detail. I cannot wait to give it a try!

Jenny said...

Beautiful! I will be trying this for my daughter's college graduation card this month.