Monday, 28 November 2016

Stampin Up Marker and Ink Refill Storage

 My latest project is a box for storing S.U, markers and refills.

 It consists of two boxes made of chipboard, one sits on top of the other. I added two struts to each end to create a cantilever action. So the top box lifts and swings over while remaining attached to the base box.

I designed the base box big enough to store all four colour families of the S.U re inkers.  (either in or out of their boxes).  There is a little extra space for extra  In Colour re inkers.

The top box will hold about 60 markers.
There is also a small removable compartment that will hold more refill bottles if needed.

After making all the boxes,  I used papers from Tim Holtz French Revolution  stack to cover most of the boxes and some pretty sheets of card left over from another project to give it a more feminine feel.

Inner boxes completed  it was time to make the outer cover.

Drawer  handles from  our local DIY store.
Clasps from a french company on  Ebay.

The cover  is  basically two,  three sided boxes, deep enough to encompass the two storage boxes completely when attached to a base. The outer sections will then fold up and the six clasps will hold everything together.

The two storage boxes  are then glued to the centre section  of the cover... see pic  on left.

Hubby cut another piece of  thin steel and drilled holes for the handles as he did for my ink refill box. ( see post below)

I made some liners to reinforce the edges of the cover and to hide the backs of the brads attaching the clasps and handle reinforcement and screws.

I covered the liners for the edging  in leather effect wallpaper. 

 I also used the leather effect wallpaper to make corner reinforcing pieces for the outside.

 I cut 2 panels and covered the liners with vintage card stock and glued them to the inside of the cover for extra strength and to tidy up the inside after gluing in the side liners .


Use something strong and tear resistant like Tyvek sheets  to join all the sections together, especially  the joins  that act as  hinges.

Tyvek and chip board are not the cheapest of materials so careful measuring and cutting are essential.

 Longer leg brads are essential for attaching the clasps as the chipboard is quite thick.

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