Sunday, 24 July 2016

Baby Dungarees Card

I found the template for this card on the Trimcraft website. I printed off the template, but it was very small, to enlarge it to the size I wanted,  I had to cut the template sheet into pieces and enlarge all the pieces individually.  Not having access to an A3 printer, I had to print the back and front of this template  off on to two pieces of card.
Then  join the front and back pieces together at the shoulders to create this card.

 On the website it was made from papers with  cute baby designs printed on it. I didn't have any printed papers suitable for this card, so I used the Bundle of love stamp set from S.U to create my own baby paper for this card.
I used a textured card stock that resembled  a fine needle cord fabric. I have to say,  I was surprised at well the stamps printed on textured card stock.

Once I had covered the card stock with stamped images,  I  coloured each image
using Copic markers and  S.U

 Unfortunately some of the inks bled  a little, but I don't think the bleeding is bad enough to ruin the overall effect,  so I went a head and completed the card.

I lined the inside back of the cars with some pretty checked paper to correspond with the colours on the front.

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