Thursday, 11 February 2016

How to remove those water marks from wood.

My sister gave me her rather lovely coffee table that I have admired for many years, last weekend.
It has a couple of very faint fade marks on the the top,  so I decided to search the net to see if there were any quick fixes for it.
 I didn't have much joy on that, but I did discover a remedy for water marks on wooden furniture.

I thought I'd give it try on my mahogany & brass TV cabinet, which I love,  but it is old and a bit shabby these days, especially since I  unwittingly spilled water on the top while watering the plant that stood on top.  It was sometime later when I noticed the large white mark on the surface. The water mark has been there for many years, so I very much doubted this remedy would work. I figured I would give it try and see what happened.

So out came the mayonnaise, (yes  I did say MAYONNAISE) one large dollop of mayo on the stain and gave it a good rub with my fingers. Then I left the mayo to sit.  About ten minutes later I took a large cotton cloth and wiped away the remaining mayo, then buffed over the area until most of the stain was no longer visible.   I repeated the process on the remaining stain.    After the second application the stain had completely vanished.

Unfortunately, I didn't think about taking photo's before I trying this on the cabinet, so I couldn't prove this  actually worked.

Then I remembered,. I've 
had this wooden canteen for cutlery for many years.
Again with watermarks on the surface, but I've learnt to live with it by standing a large clock over the marks to hide them. 

So this time I got my camera out along with the mayo and tried the process again. 

As you can see the water marks have disappeared. Even the scratches are greatly reduced.

I know this  post isn't a normal Kimber Kreations post  but I  was so impressed and thought this tip was just too good and  had to be shared.

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