Monday, 6 April 2015

Punching for circles inlaid embossing.

Thought I would share this tip for punching out circles for the inlaid embossing technique.
(see the post below for example of inlaid embossing)

This is a great tip if you only have small scraps that you want to get the most out of.

Start with the smallest punch and punch a hole as far into the card stock as our punch will go.

Using the punch the next size up turn it upside down so you can see where you are cutting.
 (See photo below)
Punch over the last hole you punched.

Keep punching over previous hole in the same manner, using a larger punch each time until you run out of punches or they are too large for your card scrap.

Repeat this process in all  the colours of your choice.
Here I had a enough card left to punch a few more circles from either end of my left over card stock.

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