Sunday, 15 March 2015

New Catalogue Arrival.

I have one more order to place this quarter before the arrival of the new  Stampin' Up catalogue. I really can't wait for this to drop through the door as I am fast running out of things to buy from the old catty. Never thought I'd say that.

I think the new Catalogue starts on June 1st although Demo's do get their copy  a little while before this date.  I am itching to get my grubby mitts on it.
I am  hoping they  don't make all the nicest stamps photopolymer stamps.

I am not keen on these type of stamps, in my experience of other brands of photopolymer stamps is they stain , they stretch , everything sticks to them, and storing the ones that come in the cello bags that splits when you open it means you have to splash out on containers for them.
If all  this wasn't enough they don't seem to last as long as the  red rubber stamps.
All of which means the re-sell value on used photopolymer stamps is going to drop considerably, unlike the rubber versions, which often sell for more second hand than they originally cost.

So I for one am praying S.U keep with red rubber for the bulk of their stamps.
I will  only buy the photopolymer stamps if I only intend to use them a few times....I think of them as disposable stamps.
I am currently trying out one set of SU photopolymer stamps to see if they are better than other brands I have purchased. I'll  let you know how that goes.

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Sharon Steinwand said...

I've had some of the photopolymer stamps since they came out. They do stain a bit, but still stamp well. I love how well they stick to clear blocks, and they stamp well for me. Not disposable for me (but not much is)lol