Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bokeh Technique Card.

I have seen this Bokeh technique being shown on on various websites  and decided to have ago. It's a technique  used in photography (blurred lighting)  but someone has come up with a way of creating a similar effect using paints or inks. I used inks and ink dusters for this one but you can use sponge and ink or water colours.  

Painting will take longer  as you'll need to leave your paper to dry much longer. If you're impatient  like me use ink.
It's simple to do and very effective.

You start by colouring your paper  with paint or ink and blend the areas where the colours meet.

Once dry you take some pieces of card or acetate with different size holes punched in them and lay them over your coloured card stock and  dab white ink through the holes, varying  the density of the white ink and then allow the white ink to dry completely before  working with your bokeh background paper.

NB...Over stamping can lift some of the white ink leaving your over stamping looking patchy.

I used a dandelion clock  to stamp over one of the large circles with the hope the white circle background would give the fuzziness of a real Dandelion clock... not sure this worked  to well. 
The sentiment Make a Wish  from stampin' up was just perfect for this card. 
How many of  you remember making a wish a blowing the seed heads as you did so.
I hate to say this but every now and again,  I still make a wish when blowing the seeds off... How sad is that.

Hubby's comment on this.... This is different and Not you!!!  and he is so right,  it is so NOT me. But sometimes it's good to try new and different things.

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