Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Boxed Chocolate Bear

The inspiration for this box for the Lindt chocolate bear came from the very talented Linda Parker. 
I am not entirely sure how Linda made her boxes but I think she has four acetate sides on her boxes and I think the lid and base on her boxes cap the acetate. I also think she has made a platform to raise the bear within the box.   But I wouldn't swear to that.  Sometimes it's hard to tell how something is made from a photo.

I decided to do my own version of this box.

 I started by  making the base and lid from  two squares 3" x 3" of  red card, I scored a line half an inch in,  all the way round each piece of card and folded on each score line. Then snipped and glued each corner  to form two shallow boxes. it is absolutely essential that both boxes finish up exactly the same size or your finished box will look warped and your acetate  won't fit properly.  

Cut a piece of mirri board 2" x 3  1/2" .

At the top of the mirri board run a line of snail adhesive or double side tape close to the edge of the card (on the   shiny side.) 

Line up the edge of one of your shallow boxes with the edge of the mirri  card and adhere  (see photo)

Do the same at the bottom.

Using a glue dot adhere the bear to the centre of the  base.

To make the  hanger.
Cut a square  slightly short of  2" x 2"
on the reverse find the centre  and punch two small holes.
Thread   a length of elastic through the hole and tie in a not on the underside,  secure the ends  of the elastic with a little   snail adhesive.
Apply a stronger  adhesive  like fast fuse or red line double sided tape along two opposite edges  and place inside the top of the lid. 

 Cut a strip of acetate  6   3/4"  x  3  1/2" 

 Score at  1/4" and fold this edge over firmly. 

Place acetate back on score board and score at
2   1/8" then  at 4  1/8 then again at 6   2/8" 

The final width of the side panels and flaps  should measure...in order

First flap  1/4 "

First  panel   2    1/8 " 

The front  panel should be  2" wide 

 The third panel should measure  2   1/8 "

 Last flap 1/4" 

Apply a strip of strong double sided tape down the  inside edge of each 1/4"  flap.

Wrap the flap around the back of the mirri card and press firmly to attach the the flap to the back of the mirri  card.
repeat on the other side... you may need to insert something like an ultra thin steel rule or something similar to prevent the mirri card crushing when you apply pressure to the second flap.
I think I used a thin bamboo kebab stick.

I decorated the  inside top of this box with some Christmas paper and a little sponging.

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