Monday, 18 August 2014

MY New Toy

The day before my birthday  ( last Saturday) My Bigshot started to get a bit cranky and hard to use,  I was gutted, especially as I had asked for dies for birthday presents. 
How could I try out the new dies without a my Bigshot.

Out came my old spellbinder wizard......Ummm I had forgotten just how much hard work that machine is.
I had also forgotten that the cutting plates tend to fly out very fast and always managed to hit my pubic bone with some force as they do.
(Yes, you're smiling to yourself now,aren't you)
I can tell you it's not that funny, Especially when you've had to cut 
out the alphabet a dozen times and been hit by these brutish flying plates a few times you start to feels a bit bruised and uncomfortable.

So I decided to order the Bigshot Pro with the hope it will last longer than three years. Which is exactly how old my last one was when it died.

So here is my new Bigshot Pro in situ, I don't mind telling you this thing is the weight of a small child at 44lb. 
I have to say, I had some concerns when I read how heavy it is and wondered if the craft room floor could sustain the extra weight. 
I found myself subconsciously scanning the craft room looking for stuff I could get rid of that would add up to a total of 44LB.
So while waiting for the arrival of this beasty,  I had a bit of a clear out to make space for it and the extra desk. (That's why my room is looking relatively tidy)
I have only had a little play with it  so I am still learning all the different sandwiches.

One thing that surprised me about buying the Bigshot pro is that it doesn't come with the platforms for cutting the thinner dies or for using embossing folders. You have to buy the solo pack to go with it or you can't use  any of the thin dies or embossing folders.
Basically all you can use are the Bigz dies unless you buy the  extra plates. So if you are considering  upgrading to one of these remember to buy the Solo Platform kit too.
The advantage with this is , that I can still use all the cutting plates and accessories I had with the smaller bigshot so none of my spare plates will go to waste.... BONUS!

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