Monday, 18 August 2014

In laid Embossing Cards

 Quite a few photos here for one simple card but just wanted to show that each card is different despite being done in same colours
The last photo is obviously done in brighter colours for a more funky look.

Inlaid embossing is a very simple technique, I was going to say it's very quick too but then I realized it took me longer than I thought to to these.

Basic instructions.

Punch out circles in three colours and in four or five sizes.

Punch some offset holes in some of the larger circles.

Arrange the circles in an arrangement that pleases you and glue into position.  Have some circle hanging over the edges of your base card and trim them back before mounting work onto your mats.

 Once you are happy with your arrangement and all your circles are stuck down and dry, place the whole piece into an embossing folder with a tight pattern. 
Like the square lattice from stampin' up .(Now retired) and run it through the Bigshot or similar machine and Hey Presto!!! piece finished.

All that remains is for you to do Is mount it onto a couple of layers of card and add a greeting. Adhere to the front of your card.

Yes, That really is all there is too it. 

 I think these would make great Birthday cards for the male species, but today  these ones are thank you cards to  family members for all my fantastic  birthday pressies.

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