Sunday, 26 January 2014

Vintage Decoupaged Valentine's Card

 Tonight I got to play and experiment in my craft room and this is what I came  up with.
  I am not entirely sure about this one. Tell me what you think.

 I purchased a  brown cardboard heart,  fridge magnet from my local craft store to decoupage with napkins.
Having done that I decided it might be nice to present it on a card for Valentines Day.

The  floral heart has a magnet on  the back , which  means the recipient can keep a memento of Valentine's Day on the fridge long after the cards have been taken down and put away.

Here's how I made this Card / Gift

 I cut out a white heart in paper and punched two strips of paper lace ( A4  length) and stuck the lace strips around the edge of the white heart folding as I went along. 

Once the lace was stuck securely  I glued a small washer  to the white heart, making sure it lined up with the magnet on the back of the floral heart.

 I  then stuck the red card heart over the white heart  sandwiching the  lace between the red and white hearts,  this  also means the washer is secure and concealed  and there is less chance of it being pulled off by the magnet.

Finally I stamped a couple of greetings and added the banner to the floral heart along with a bow and two tiny pink gem stones.

                                                                               I have to say at this point the card is front          heavy. To remedy this I will make an insert    from heavy paper. That usually does the trick.  If it doesn't I guess I will be adding mattes and  layers to the inside back until it does stand.  But I really don't think it will come to that. 

 If you look closely you can see the washer through the red card just above the word "to" in the black text running across the photo.

Here is the side view, you can see the heart is quite thick therefore it stands out lot so I am going to need to make a box for this one.

Instructions for the decoupage can be found on my last post .... the box below.

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