Saturday, 5 October 2013

Stamp Waste Idea

 Ever wondered what to do with the waste  from your S.U stamp sets. Well here's one idea you may find useful.

Cut them up to make simple silhouette stamps.

I wanted a couple of hills for a sunset scene and was fed up with sponging them in.
 Then it occurred to me to make a stamp from the rubber waste.
With my rubber snips,  I chopped  (and I mean chopped) out some rough shapes resembling hills and stuck them to an acrylic block. 
They are probably there for all time now. I may ask hubby to  cut some small wooden blocks for me when he's feeling a little better,  then I will transfer them to wood.
But to be honest I don't mind sacrificing that acrylic block. I  found it very useful  having them on the acrylic block as I could actually stamp exactly over  my hill a second time,  after I found I hadn't applied enough ink to the stamp first time round, because there is no edging round the stamp.

For this post only,    I prepared a very badly sponged sunset just to demo the home made rocky hill/ mountain stamps.

I can promise you the colours are NOT really this vivid and it's not quite as patchy as it     looks here . My camera really is reacting badly to these colours.

Inking Up the stamps with Stazon I stamped the images onto my sunset. 
Wow! it's improved that mess no end.

If you don't like the shape you have cut out you can always trim bits off or  fill in the area you want to hide with a marker pen the same colour as the ink pad you used to stamp the hill.

I went on to add a few more silhouette images, using the tree stamp  from the Serene Silhouette stamp set from S.U.
                                                                                  With a white gel pen I added some spots and dashed  in a very slap dash, hap hazard way and smudged them  a little with my finger. I kept adding and smudging until  I was happy with the effect.
Once the white ink has dried I dabbed over the white ink with a sponge and  Apricot Appeal ink to take some of  the brightness of the white away. As the hightlights would be a golden colour not  a bright white.
Next mission......... to find a golden colour gel pen.

Here is the finished sunset along with two others using different shaped hills.
Over did the white  a little I think.

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Serena said...

That is a fantastic idea! Thanks! Love the sunset images you created. They are gorgeous!