Monday, 16 September 2013

Wetlands Sunset Card

Today's post is a sunset card.  I love sunsets so I thought it would be  good to have a go at creating one with sponges.
The inks I used were Sunset Yellow, Real Red, Cherry Cobbler, Chocolate Chip and black Stazon.
I started by sponging over the top section of the card with yellow, then masked off a circle for the sun and the horizon. Working on the sky  I sponged on more yellow until the colour was quite intense.

 Then I applied the real red ink  gently working in from the edges of the card.   To finish the sky I added a touch of cherry cobbler in the  top corners. 
Once I was happy with the sky I removed the horizon mask (leaving the sun mask on) turned it  around, stuck it back down where the sky line finished and began working on the water.

First I applied yellow to the centre foreground.
I then applied the real red to the horizon line and worked down the card until the red and yellow met and then softly blending the two colours until I had the depth of orange I wanted.

 Using the Cherry Cobbler ink  I added a touch more colour to the horizon.
The Chocolate Chip was sponged on to the bottom two corners  and then I removed the Mask from the sun and stamped the image along the lower edge of the card using black Stazon , Making sure I  varied the height of the foliage.
Finally I stamped the Greeting using the Stamp-a-ma jig to get the position just right.
Warning : 
Do make sure your hands are clean after each step and before touching your work. 
I must have inked  this  scene about five times before this one, because I didn't 
I  totally ruined some nice sunset picture with my inky fingers.

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