Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hand Painted Stone Doorstop

I am not much of a painter but I really enjoyed this project.

Some years ago we did a project at school where every person in the school painted a stone. 
The finished stones  were then set in cement in a big circle on the playground for all to see. 

I thought  these stones would make great door stops  and garden ornaments and painted a few for more for home and a couple for friends. 
I think this  is the only one I have left now.

It was painted with household gloss paint ,  (not the easiest of paints to work with.)  When completed it should have been varnished to help protect it. I never got round to varnishing any of my stones. This one has only lasted because it as been  indoors used as a doorstop.

I know I should now be showing you photos of these project in pristine condition but it will take forever to find them as they were pre digital camera photos so I don't have them stored on my pc.

 I did go a step further and painted cats on a paving slab. But I never got round to varnishing it, after years of being exposed to all kinds of weather the paint has started peel off. 
I am not sure  if I should try to repair the damage and varnish it or whether to just leave to peel.

Here is a photo of what it looks like now after 13 years in the garden  exposed to the elements.
 While I was out in the garden I found two more painted stones which were painted  even earlier I thought I would share.

 They did look good  before the sun and frosts got to them.

These are a great project for young and old.

I got my  young nephew painting  ladybirds and bugs on stones around the same time.

Hazel an old friend  had  a huge stone in her garden on which  she painted the most amazing almost life size young deer on. 
It was so realistic, so beautiful, 
I wanted to take it home with me.

A good tip is to paint the stone white allow to dry then draw a basic design and paint blocks of  your chosen colours  in the areas you want them,  paint on the detail when the blocks of colour are dry.
Don't forget to sign and date your work.
 You never know when you might like to know how old your piece of work is. 
I  painted and dated these pieces 1999.

 Don't forget to give several coats of varnish if it is go outside, re varnish every few years to protect your work.

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