Thursday, 24 May 2012

Faux bronze wall plaques

This is just a quicky post as it's getting late.
During half term I did a class at Nancy's craft shop on making wall plaques from a beer mat, tissue paper, wool/string and punched flowers.
Basically you apply glue to the beer mat and  spread out some  scrunched napkin tissue over the glue leaving in the wrinkles to give texture.
When dry  you add bits of string, wool, thread, punched shapes fine gravel, tiny seed beads. Whatever takes your fancy.
 Allow it to dry  then paint with black acrylic paint,  once dry you lightly brush bronze paint over the raised areas with a stiff brush to highlight the raised areas.
This project reminded me of a project I did some years ago, which involved an awful lot of toilet tissue. 
It was a photograph album  which holds the photo's of one of our Christmas  plays.   It's still knocking around somewhere .
I will have to find it, photograph it and post them  here.
It was a very effective photo album considering it was made from toilet tissue,  in expensive too. 


cardesque said...

these look fantastic! They have inspired me to give this technique a go. Thank you for sharing.


Laura said...

Thank you Jackie, I hope you have as much fun doing this as I did.