Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nancy's Steam Punk Day.

Nancy  (of Nancyz crafts) held a steam punk themed craft event yesterday in conjunction with the Bead Base. 
I went along to have a go as I love the steam punk look.
 Nancy demonstrated making the background paper using torn strips of paper taken from old books pasting them onto card and then painting over them with gesso.
Once the paint was dry we used sponge and ink to obtain the aged/distressed look.
 I have only tried using gesso once and the result was a disaster. So it was great to try this and get a good result.
We then stamped over the  paint and added some embellishments.
Nancy had pre cut some flower shapes from an old dictionary, our task was to add the colour and assemble the flowers. I think we all made at least four in different colours.

I wasn't completely happy with the colour of my red flower, it was a bit wishy washy,  so when I got home I sprizted it with a stronger red pearly finish stuff that I can't remember the name of, I don't use  it often as I find it a bit too messy and the sprayer clogs up and I spend too much good crafting time in the bathroom washing out the tube and the nozzle  and then cleaning the sink.
But having said that, it  does come in the most beautiful rich colours that are irresistible, so sometimes it's worth the mess. 
I also added  a bit more bling  and some gold embossing when I got home.

During our 15 minute lunch break I paid my first visit to the Bead Base, I have walked passed that place a few times and  never had any desire to go in. I guess I thought there would be nothing in there I wanted .

 OMG!!! was I wrong,  I loved the charms and ended up buying a bag of them. The clock face used on the above tag is just one of the many they sell.
I then paid a visit to Nancy's shop and spent a bit more on bits and bobs before Hubby came and picked me up.
All in all  it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.
Thanks Nancy.

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