Saturday, 7 May 2011

Love letter storage box

What a strange Saturday morning this has been,

My intercostal muscle strain had me up half the night and up very early this morning.

After a very slow and painful exit from the bed I staggered downstairs and reached for the pain killers and the first of my morning coffee's.

Dear hubby joins me twenty minutes later he too reaches for the pain killers as he had a headache.

We looked at each other as if to say "What the hells happened, we' ve turned into a couple of old crocks." lol.

Then Darling Hubby takes Stan for a walk, while I wait for the man to come and look at the supposedly broken hinges on one of the windows in my craft room. Sure enough said young man turns up and discusses my window repair briefly.

The room was an awful mess (as craft rooms usually are) but this was even worse as I had had to move loads of stuff, so he could get to the window.

Well, to my surprise the young man was very interested in crafting, I ended up showing some of my cards and paper craft projects and we chatted away for ages and would you believe it.... I gave him a demo on inlaid embossing. How bizarre is that?

Meanwhile..... Darling Hubby has text me to say...... he and Stan have got hellishly lost and need help finding their way back to the car. So the rest of the morning was spent on the phone guiding him back to civilization and the car, using Google maps and Google street view videos.

Which was quite cool really 'cause I could see exactly where he was, where he had been and where he was going. I was walking with him. On a virtual walk. lol. I think he freaked out a little when I said have you come to the wheelie bins in the wooden container yet....... he was stood right next to them. At this point he hadn't realized I was using google street view.

Anyway this box was made sometime ago, So it's a bit tattier around than it was. It was a project I loved doing , though it took ages.

It is made from layers of poster board. Ten of the twelve layers had a rectangle cut out of the centre all at slightly different angles.

Then each layer was covered in cream photocopy card, which I had stained with strong solution of tea and coffee and allowed to dry.

Some of the layers I stamped for extra interest.

When all were covered, I stacked and glued all but the top layer of the base together in a pile, so that all walls of the hole in the middle were all flush. I then added ribbon, so that the letters looked like they had been tied up and the hinge ribbons. I then added the top layer of the base.

I lined the inside walls of the hole with pieces of card that had been covered with the stained copier card.

The lid was attached to the ribbon

hinges and a triangular piece of card the width of the box (made to look an Envelope flap) was added to conceal the ends of the hinges. I then decorated the top with paper flowers, an address a stamp and I had to draw my own postmark.

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