Sunday, 30 January 2011

Step Box

This is really cool I loved making this one. I adore the paper which is the "Love Letters" paper from stampin' up and it's only £8.75 a pack.
This was a lot easier to make than I had first thought. It contains four origami boxes that are stuck to the inside of the box.

Quite a few of us encounter some degree of difficulty making the little boxes inside. But it wasn't too long before we figured it out.
I have made these boxes before but it was many years ago and I had completely forgotten how to do it, but after I had made one it all came back to me.

I think the idea of this is you fill the boxes with little chocolates or small gifts. The only trouble is when it is filled it will not stand up as the outside card is not strong enough to take the weight, causing it buckle.
I think if I were to make this again, I would use a heavy weight card and cover it in paper inside and out to make it robust enough to take chocolate.
But over all, I think this is a lovely project to make and was my favourite project of the day.

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