Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Faux Brads

To make your own faux brads you will need a 2 way glue pen, a hole puncher and a bottle of crystal effects.
First draw a line on some scrap paper with your 2 way glue pen, while the glue is drying punch out some holes in the card colours of your choice, retain the centres of the holes, these are going to be your brads. Once the glue is dry and tacky place each circle onto the line of glue and and press lightly into position. This Step is purely to hold your shapes down while you apply the crystal effects as they are too small to hold by hand.
I find that using a pin to hold these tiny circles down doesn't work for me, when I lift the pin out of the wet liquid the circle lifts up with the pin and then it always seems to drop and land upside down on another part 0f my project.
Anyway back to brads.....
Take your bottle of crystal effects taking care NOT to shake or disturb the liquid too much, as this will create bubbles in the liquid, tip the bottle up slowly and squeeze the liquid out gently on to each of your circles, covering each circle completely make sure you have gone right up to the edges, but NOT over the edges, as crystal effects is a pretty effective glue and DON'T want your circles stuck down to the scrap paper.
Once you have done this leave them to dry for several hours...... If you want them more rounded after they have dried apply another layer of crystal effects and leave to dry.
When you are happy and they are completely dry gently lift them from the scrap paper with a craft knife they should come up easily providing you haven't stuck them down with the crystal effects. you can now glue them to you project using a tiny, tiny dot of crystal effects.

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