Monday, 26 July 2010

Gift box ideas

Yes I know ........ You're thinking I have gone mad. but this is a post for my lovely up and coming crafters. Some months ago now, I spent ages trawling the internet looking for a template for a box to fit a gift I had purchased.
I couldn't find one that was just right and I really wasn't in the mood to sit and design one.
So I started searching through my kitchen cupboards and found a range of boxes that could be used as templates for gift boxes.
Anyway, I did find the box that was absolutely perfect.... It contained Stan's bottle of liquid pain killer, prescribed by the vet after Stan had an encounter with a vicious squirrel . Well Stan didn't need the box .... but I did........ it is now the template I use for boxes for small bottles of bubble bath.
Another box or should I say tube, I have used for a gift box is the Pringles tube.......the Stampin round wheels fit in them perfectly. I had bought several for my sister for her birthday. The tube looked great once I had washed it out, decorated it and added a cord handle.
Small bottles of wine will fit into them too.

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