Friday, 5 May 2017

Hubby's Birthday Card This Year.

This is a design I saw on Facebook and loved it.
Just perfect for hubby's birthday this year.
I changed the colours and used patterned paper for the background.
The toilet roll was made by tightly rolling up a long strip of  foiled card  for the holder and glued down the end.

I cut a long strip of   off white textured card  slightly narrower than the silver roll and wound it tightly around the centre of the silver  roll applying a little glue.
to stop the the roll from unravelling.

Using a  1/4" circle punch,
I cut two silver circles and glued one to each end of the silver roll to complete the look of the toilet roll.

Here's hoping he  likes this one.

1 comment:

Mary Treanor said...

Made a card like this a couple of years ago, never thought of using rolled up foil card for the holder!! Looks fab, xx