Saturday, 6 May 2017

2 inch transparent red dice.

I hunted high and low for one and a half inch transparent red dice.  The only place I could find them was in the USA and they were very pricey at £20 a pair plus shipping.
 I wanted 12 in total, which made my idea for table decorations very expensive.  I had spent such a long time trying to find these dice that the party date crept up on me so quickly there wasn't enough time to ship them here.
The only option left for me was to make them.
 I order some thick sheets of red acetate and set about making one cube.
 This was very time consuming and I wasn't entirely happy with the end result. Then I remembered,  I had some clear acetate gift boxes 2" square I had purchased from  Stampin' Up. They were a little larger than I wanted, but that meant I didn't need as many. So I decided to line each of the gift boxes with the red acetate.
  After cutting the acetate to fit the boxes,  I stuck the dots to red acetate before placing in the gift boxes. This gives me the option to re use the gift boxes.

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