Thursday, 20 April 2017

The image on this card was a big experiment for me and it took most of the day to make this card .
I am not very good at drawing especially drawing detail on a small scale.
So I drew this image on a much larger scale than used on this card. The original drawing almost filled an  A4 sheet of paper.
Once I had finished scribbling,  I scanned the image into my PC and then reduced the image down to a quarter of it's original size. I  printed it off and coloured the image using Copic markers.

The next image was created a little differently.
Instead of drawing the whole image as you see here.  I drew the single rose. On another section of my A3 sketch paper, (nowhere near the single bloom) I drew the bunch of rose buds.
Then I drew a single leaf followed by the little bunch of blue flowers and the Rose hips.
None of the sketches were connected as they are here.

I took a sheet of tracing paper and a fine black pen and began tracing off the rose, then I moved the tracing paper over to the next image and traced over the leaf  placing  several leaves around the rose.   I kept moving the tracing paper over the drawings,  and tracing off  the different pieces until I had an arrangement I quite liked.  The tracing paper was then put into the scanner and then printed off  the final image onto  silky, smooth, thin card using a laser printer.  I chose the laser printer so I don't get any ink smudges when I colour the images.
 I have decided to share my rough drawings after a request on FB.  So if you like the images,  you can print them off , colour them and use the images for your own personal use.
 Click on a picture,  to get larger image then right click on the image and save to your computer. Then you ll be able to  print it off and resize as much as you like.

                                                                                    Image 2

                                                                                   Image 1

Image 3

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