Sunday, 19 March 2017

Tip for getting those stamps to fit back into the case.

An ultra quick tip. 

Sometimes Stampin' Up sell stamp sets that have either quite a few stamps in or the stamps are quite large.
 In our eagerness to get those stamps mounted on to the blocks we don't take any notice of how the blocks fit  into the case.  Once we've mounted all the stamps it's often almost  impossible to fit them all back in the case.
 I know,  I for one have spent an awful lot of time  trying to get all  those stamps to fit back in the case. I have been known to say sod it and give up at times because I have been so frustrated with them.

I personally think there should be a stamp map printed on the inside of the cover of the case  showing us how they  fit in.
But until they do,   my  suggestion is.....  the moment you get your new stamp set,   open the case and take a photo. You can print the photo off laminate it and stick to the inside of the case. This should put an end to all that frustration.

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