Friday, 17 March 2017

Card Swap from Arakoola Kard Art.

A while back I took part in a card swap. this is the gorgeous card I received. 
I was absolutely delighted with this card from Debbie. It is the best card I have ever received from a card swap.
Debbie says,  she used masking tape on water colour paper and applied water  colours over the top. 
The masking tape act s as a mask and keeps the paper underneath clean.
Debbie then  removed the tape and over stamped the coloured background  with various stamps in different colours.
The  overall effect is stunning and sounds pretty easy to do, but it's not actually that easy to get the professional result you see here..... I have tried and I certainly didn't results as good as this.
The fact I don't have  many stamps that are suitable for this type of card doesn't help, But I did have ago.  I 'll post a photo of my poor attempt later. But this post is just for Debbie's Card. Thanks Debbie,  this is a card I will treasure. It has inspired me to try the technique and will continue to inspire me,  until I actually manage to perfect the  technique....If  I ever do. LOL.

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Arakoola Kard Art - AKA Debbie Watts said...

I would encourage anyone to try this, it really is easy and the great thing is the design doesn't have to be an exact of anything. Free stamp with any images you like, use any colour water colours..and make this your very own. I promise you will have fun. Laura's cards are wonderful and I'm honoured to be featured on her blog. Thank you Laura you're a true friend. Debbie x