Thursday, 23 February 2017

Sharon's Wedding Invitation.

The postman delivered this  last week.

My friend Sharon is getting married in the summer and had made her own wedding invitations.
Glad to say,.... here is mine.

Sharon has used my  all time favourite floral stamp set.

I love the Stippled Blossom  set and I was very surprised it didn't stay in the catalogue longer.
To my mind it should be a permanent fixture in the catalogue, like Lovely as a tree. lol.

Inside Sharon has made pockets and  very pretty little labels with all the relevant information on.
I am guessing Sharon has used the S.U. scallope top label punch to  create these lovely labels.

I just wish she  had printed the details a little larger though as I had  trouble trying to read the small print and had to get a magnifying glass out to read the information. (This aging business is not much fun.)
Sharon if you read this, Thank you for inviting me and  I will be delighted to attend your wedding.
 I will be sending back the RSVP as soon as I have worked out which label is the RSVP.  LOL

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