Thursday, 23 February 2017

Masculine card

This stamp was a very popular stamp for men's cards  some years ago. I don't know the make of the stamp but I can tell you it is a polymer stamp  and  surprisingly, one I can actually use.
regular readers will know, I fail big time with polymer stamps.

A few weeks ago I was digging through my stamps looking for some images I could  stamp off then colour while watching TV. 

I like to do something while watching TV, then I don't feel I have completely wasted the evening.

When I need to make a quick card I have a whole host of images coloured in ready to use.

Here is a picture of just a few of the images I've coloured in while watching TV.  
I have small box full of images ready to go. 
By colouring  images in advance I save loads of time when it comes to constructing  a card. 

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