Thursday, 2 February 2017

Fashionable card

Another  card using the Beautiful You set.... so sorry if I am being boring now, but there are so many things to try with this stamp set.
I love the look the patterned paper gives the dress on this  card.
It's a very simple technique to do.
You just stamp the image on the patterned paper and and cut away the head, hands and neck until you are just left with the dress.
 Then you cut out the hat and stick the dress and the hat onto another image you have  stamped on white card.
I have combined the image with the film strip die. I think they work quite well together.
the mini camera came with the film strip die. It's not not a very impressive die and the embossing is delicate so can look like a black blob from just a few feet away, so I added a touch of gilding wax to highlight the embossing.


Fiona Harrison said...

Gorgeous! What paper is that?

Laura Kimber said...

Fiona the paper was in a pack i got from lidls