Saturday, 4 February 2017

A How To.... Post.

Tonight's post is to answer a couple of  questions
 I keep  being asked.
 I hope this helps. I'll start with how I created the the card on the left, then move on to a very simple technique that seems to  be baffling quite a few people.

In the photo below  you'll see I have stamped the image and then drawn a line about 1" in from the edge from the top down to the hat.  the line starts again from  just below her foot and continues down the the bottom of the card. 

With a metal ruler and a sharp craft knife cut these lines. 
If you are good with a knife cut along the line of the arm and        around the female form until you meet up  with the cut below her foot. 

If your'e not handy with a knife, swap the knife for a small pair of scissors for the fiddly bit.

Once the cutting is done,  mask of the image and  sponge in some background colour.  
Remove the mask and colour the image.
Cut a strip of black card  about an inch and a half wide and the same length as your white card. 

Apply a little glue to the  arm and the area that will overlap the black card. Butt  the  black card up to the white, making sure those straight edges match up perfectly and press the glued area down firmly. 

Flip the card over and apply glue along the outside edges and the  edges where the black meets the white and adhere to a base card.
Stamp  a sentiment in the bottom corner and this card is complete.

The second technique I want to share is an alternative to colouring with pencils or markers and that is to apply patterned paper.

The easy way to do this and that is to stamp the image on to patterned paper and cut out the dress. 

All that's left to do is apply adhesive to the dress and position it over a second  image you have stamped on white card.    It's as simple as that. 

To see more examples,  continue reading,  there are more posts below featuring  this technique.

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