Sunday, 20 November 2016

Santa Card.

This Santa stamp I have owned for about 20 years,  He was one of the first stamps I ever bought. He has lived in a drawer for most of that time, hardly used.
This was because I found him difficult to colour .
Twenty years ago the choice of colouring materials were limited. Colouring pencils, kids felt tip pens or water colours,  the  few markers that were  available were very expensive and didn't offer the results you get from markers today.
My choice of colouring  material in those days were water colours, but I still found, I wasn't getting the results I wanted. So Santa  and the  few stamps I owned at that time were put in a drawer and there they stayed for many years and I never stamped a thing for all those years.... It wasn't until I joined Stampin' Up that I began to stamp again.
This year I decided to revisit that old stamp drawer and try out one or two of those  old stamps and, I am glad I did.
Using Copic markers I finally got the result I wanted 20 years ago.

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