Monday, 28 November 2016

Copic Refills Storage.

 I found I was in need of storage for my Copic marker re inkers.

Unable to find something I liked that was suitable I decided to make my own box.

This box is made from chipboard and covered in paper from Tim Holtz " French Revolution" paper stack.

 I love these little clasps,  hubby bought for me for a project I am working on for his mum.  There were a couple left over so I used on on this little box.

They came all the way from France. I love them so much hubby has ordered some more for me.

We purchased a pack of drawer handles from our local  Homebase store. Of course the screws were far to long,  so  hubby cut them down to fit.

To reinforce the card for the handle Hubby cut a piece of thin steel a little larger than the handle and drilled two holes through the steel for the handle screws to go through.
Unfortunately I had already lined the inside of the box before we decided to  add the steel.
I could cover it with another piece of card and decorative  paper to hide it, but to be honest, I am not to worried about this.

The  leather look corner reinforcing pieces are actually leather effect wallpaper.
 I can tell you this stuff really does look and feel like leather, it's pretty tough too.

I cut some dividers to help keep the bottles in position.

I used a scraps of floral wallpaper  to line the inside of the box.

The box is approximately 6 inches square, each section holds 10 refills. the whole box holds 40.

This weekend .....I ordered more refills and hubby had ordered some for me for,  "I'm gonna need a bigger box". So my next project is designing a much bigger box that will take longer to fill. lol.

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