Friday, 30 September 2016

Wedding Shutter Card.

I have to say this rather elaborate card and it's gift bag took up all my free time for over  a week.
Making all the panels for this card seem to take an age,
An old school friend asked me to make this card for an up and coming family wedding, 
The brief for the card was:  one red rose, shamrock , 4 bees and  cupcakes.
(For a closer look at this photo click on the photo.)

Lots of layering, heat embossing, hot foiling, punching and die cutting in this card.

The 3D elements on this card, meant it required something deeper and more robust than a standard envelope.

So I created this wedding handbag from pearly card for the card to be delivered in. 
I confess,, it took about 3 attempts for me to get this just right.
The closure on this bag is a very strong, rare earth magnets  concealed in the liner of the bag.

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