Wednesday, 7 September 2016

30th Wedding Anniversary Card.

 I wanted to make something special for a lovely couple I know, that were very quietly celebrating their 30th anniversary.
But I have been struggling the last few days to come up with an idea for an anniversary card with the wow factor, that didn't require hours of work and  was not too fussy.

My lack of inspiration resulted in me chopping up card and trying different things for a few days  but I  still came up with nothing usable, until last night when I suddenly gained some inspiration.

The inspiration came from the Apple blossom, ornate heart  die I bought at the beginning of the summer and had yet to use.

This is the first card I have made in years that has absolutely nothing from Stampin' Up in it. 
Making this card reminded me of the type of cards I was making in my pre Stampin' up days.  So it was  a bit like stepping back in time while making this one.                                                                          
This card is one of the largest cards I have ever made, measuring in at around   7  3/4  x 9  1/2 inches.                                                                                                            
I  typed up the personalized sentiment for the centre of the heart and printed it off, using a (black only)  laser printer.

A laminator and some toner foil were used to turn the black text into gold.                         A simple,  but effective technique.  

The flowers were purchased from my local craft store.

I used a Heartfelt creations die to cut the backing  leaves .

There are an awful lot of pearls on this card that are not immediately obvious.

Thankfully the tiny pearls I used were on a sticky sheet that I cut into strips. This certainly made applying all these pearls much easier and quicker than applying them one at a time.  

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