Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A discovery too good not to share

I think the picture says it all really... But just in case you don't know what this gadget is I will tell you. Its called  a "Sticky Buddy" it is designed to be a clothes brush, it's great for getting dog hair off your clothes and off the furniture. You just run the roller over the area and it picks up hair crumbs and all sorts of bits. Once it's full and no longer sticky you run it under warm water  and gently wipe the debris off the roller, dry it and it's ready to go again.
We have had this one for a few years and one of the disc s at the end of the roller is broken so it's not so good on clothes these days.
I decided to put it in the craftroom to be fixed, but I haven't got round to it yet.
Last week,  I celebrated my birthday and one of my pressies were two intricate lace dies. Now we all know that some intricate dies can be a real pain to clean, even with those expensive rotating brushes designed for the purpose.
Seeing this broken sticky buddy  lying around in my craft room,  I decided to see if it would remove all those little pieces left in the die.......................IT DID  BRILLIANTLY!!!..... two rolls over the die and it was completely clean.

I then rolled it over the back of the die cuts and it collected all the little pieces left in the die cuts brilliantly.
Once the roller is full it will need rinsing to remove all the pieces of card and to restore the stickiness of the roller. I will say,  it may not be advisable  to do this in the sink as the small pieces of card will probably block your drains after a while.
 I think, I will be rinsing my sticky buddy off in a small bowl of water and then strain the water through a tea strainer to remove the pieces of card. This may seem like a bit of a faff, but I still think it will be quicker than poking through every single hole in the back of the dies,  then having to clean all those tiny pieces from the floor.

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