Sunday, 24 July 2016

Grand daughters request for a Tudor dress.

Something a little different today, A post which is really intended for a friend, who wanted to see the dress  I created from a curtain.

My grand daughter's school were holding a Tudor day, She wanted a tudor style dress for the occasion. (Luckily I had a pattern  for one in her size).
I was given 48 hours notice to knock up something for the occasion. But in reality I had a lot less time to put something together for her. Having work  commitments and various appointments booked, severely cut down on the time I had to make the two dresses to create one tudor style dress.
Having no time to go shopping for materials,  I  decided to make this overdress from an old blue velvet curtain.  I wanted to add a broader gold trim as decoration, but I couldn't find anything suitable in my stash, so I added a narrow gold ribbon to trim the dress.
The under dress was made from an old T shirt and some rather lovely floral silk  I had stashed away. I stitched the silk skirt to the bottom of the  T shirt  and extended the sleeves of the  T shirt to give the impression of a full gathered sleeve.
Little Miss loved her  new dress and couldn't wait to wear it.

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