Sunday, 14 February 2016

Quick Valentines Card

Just a quick post tonight, probably about as long as it took to make this card.  I left it kind of late to make my hubby's Valentines card this year. Ummm, like this morning while he was walking the dogs. So this had to be a very quick and easy card to make.

 I started with a blank red base card topped with a layer of black, then another layer of red glittery paper. 

The topper was a layer of black 2  1/2  x  3  1/2 inches and a white  top layer,  in which I punched out two hearts slightly overlapping. I  used fast fuse adhesive to stick a layer of acetate over the  back of the heart apertures.   
Then I attached a strip of glittery paper  to the underside of the acetate  ( so that's six layers in total) and stamped the sentiment.  
The last step was to stick the topper on to the card with  foam pads.

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