Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Black & White Christmas Card

I have to say, this is not the black and white card I had in mind when I started it.
But I made huge mistake and not wanting to scrap the whole card.
  I decided to stamp the greeting in white on black card  and cut it into an oval and stuck it over my huge blunder. 

The little scene at the bottom of the card was created using the Sleigh Ride edgelits from the Stampin' Up winter mini catalogue.

I die cut the village and the sleigh and ran them through my mini  Xyron  (adhesive machine) and then smothered them in white glitter. 
  I stuck them onto a strip of black card, added a narrow ribbon along the top edge and then onto my white base card overlapping the black oval a little. 

The snowy background was created by taking a dull pencil and dabbing the tip onto my white ink pad  and then onto the black card repeatedly until you have the desired effect.

Once the white ink was dry I added a little bow.

One Tip I would like to share when using any Xyron adhesive machine.
The instructions will tell you to rub over the elements hard before peeling off the clear strip. This is to  break the edges of the glue around your elements, giving a cleaner edge to your elements.
Sadly, I find this is still not enough, (as you can see in this photo) there is still a little too much adhesive around the edges, despite my attempts to tidy up the excess glue before applying the glitter. 
As you can see the sides of the houses are not as sharp as they should be due to the excess adhesive at the edges.

 My tip is  not only to rub firmly all over the elements you have glued, but to take a small ball tool or  Biro and draw around the edge of each element firmly, before removing the clear strip. You will get a much cleaner edge by doing this and  it's well worth spending a few seconds doing this rather than trying to clean up the edges after. 

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