Monday, 25 January 2016

Card made from Christmas cracker

Boxing day Hubby and I went to my sister's for a meal. 
During the course of the meal my eye kept being drawn to the pretty holly patterned Christmas crackers that lay in pieces on the table.
I couldn't help but wonder how I could re use them.

I gathered up a few pieces and placed them in a pile ready to stash in  my handbag...When I wasn't looking my brother-in -law gathered them up and took them off to the bin.

Bin diving is not my favourite past time, so I sent my sister after him to rescue them before they got soiled and damaged in the bin.

This is a gate fold card I made with one of the Christmas crackers and a die cut sentiment, which I covered in red glitter.

I am not a fan of gate fold cards.
I am never sure what position to stand them in to show off the whole card, so I tend not to make them.

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