Monday, 30 November 2015

A Mourning Bear

 This is the guy  that has been keeping me busy this last week or so.

I am calling him,

"A Mourning Bear"

 A colleague sadly lost her father some months ago. 
 She recently asked me if I could make a bear from her father's clothing to help her son through the grieving process.
 She also wants him have a keepsake of his grandfather.

I hope both, she and her young son like him and that Levi (as hubby as nick named him)  will help them through a difficult time.

I suspect this bear is going to get lots of hugs from both mum and son and
 maybe sometime in the  future he will help them recall many happy memories of their much loved father/grandfather . 

Mum has very kindly allowed me to use the photo she sent me on my blog, so you can see  this smiley little boy with his new companion.
 Mum said " he recognized his Grandad's shirt straight away".
 She also told me,  he took his Grandad bear ( as he is now called)  to bed and for the first time he went to bed without tears.


Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

What a wonderful idea. I was really touched when I read this post and I so wish that I had done something similar when I lost my Dad. I'm sure that the bear will be a comfort to many. You've done a great job making him too, he's perfect x

Laura Kimber said...

Aww thank you Sandma, mum sent me a photo of the little guy he was made for this evening...He was watching TV with his new bear and a big smile on his face. She said He recognized Grandfather's shirt straight away.