Saturday, 3 October 2015

Another shot at painting trees

I have been dabbling with my paints again. Here is my second attempt at painting.
 This time I thought I'd try painting something a bit brighter. 
Inspired by the colours of the trees I see each day as I walk to and from work.
 Unfortunately the colours are the only thing this painting has in common with my daily walks. 

  I though you may like to see  how I painted this picture.
The picture above was created in just a few minutes, I started by covering the  all, but the bottom inch of the canvas with a yellow & white mix of paint. I added the slightest touch of red in a couple of places while the  yellow mix  was still  wet.

Then I painted the bottom inch with a black-brown mix and blended it upwards into the yellow. Then painted in the position of the trees with mixes of grey-brown.

When dry I added the haze. Using an air brush  with a very pale lemon-white paint  to knock back the background trees.  Then I re painted the foreground trees and added to foliage by dabbing on orange, yellow, brown, white and red paint in layers with a scruffy brush. 
 If I am honest, I think I prefer the look the  pre foliage pictures more than the finished picture. Perhaps I should try a winter scene that way I won't have to put foliage on the trees at all.
But for now it's time to clean up the craft room and finish that scrapbook I started.

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