Monday, 1 June 2015

Emboss Resist Tutorial

I have had a few questions on how I made the green coffee cup in the post below so I have decided to do a tutorial on this for those that want to try this great technique.

You will need:

A Versamark ink pad,
A large flourish  stamp. 
The Perfect Blend stamp set.
2 shades of  coffee coloured dye based ink pads.
I used  Baked Brown Sugar and Soft Suede. 
Memento ink pad black.
A Brayer.
Glossy card stock I used photographic paper. 


Warning... Not all photographic paper is suitable so I am afraid it is trial and error on this. Don't use Woodware's glossy card stock it doesn't work  very well.

Ink up the flourish stamp with the Versamark ink and stamp the image onto the glossy card stock, taking care not to let the stamp slide on the glossy card as you stamp.

You won't be able to see the image very well as the ink is clear.   
Allow the ink to dry off  for a few minutes.                                                                                                                                                                

 Take the brayer and ink it up with the lighter  colour  (baked Brown sugar) and apply the ink over the stamped image. I like to work diagonally across the card starting from a corner.
Build up the layers of ink until you have a good even coat of ink.  Add a layer of the darker ink (Soft suede)  if you wish to make it a little darker and richer. 

Allow the ink to dry then buff with a piece of kitchen roll to bring back the gloss on the card and to remove any ink sitting on the Versamark. 
Your background paper is now complete.

Ink up the coffee cup stamp and  stamp the image on to a post it note..
 TIP...make sure you stamp the top of the cup as close to the top of the post it note to include the adhesive.

Take a craft knife and carefully cut out the lids of the coffee cup and the band around  around the centre of the cup.. do this as accurately as possible. DO NOT discard the lid you have cut out, you'll need it. 

When you have cut the parts, the post it note  should look like the photo below.

On a second piece of glossy card stamp the coffee cup image.  I used memento ink. Wait for the ink to dry. It may take a little longer than usual as the glossy card is not as porous as the the card we usually stamp on.

Now you need that lid you cut out earlier.... Position it  over the lid of the coffee cup you stamped on the glossy card.

Then position the rest of the post it note over the rest of the image to mask it off.  
as in the photo below.

Ink up the flourish stamp with Versamark ink again and stamp over the hole in the post it note.

 Remove the largest part of the post it note leaving the lid in place.

Ink up the Brayer again with the lighter brown ink  and cover the entire coffee cup and the post it note lid, again building up the layers.  

Take a sponge and apply a little of the darker ink to the edges to give a more rounded look to the cup.
Remove the  post it note mask to reveal a nice clean white lid. 

You can leave  the lid like this.... but if like me,  you think the white is a little too stark you can take a baby wipe dab it onto a very pale brown ink pad and wipe it over the lid gently to take the starkness off the white.

As before allow the ink to dry and then buff the card stock.

The mug is now ready to be cut out.

Brayer  another piece of card glossy stock to sentiment and layering if required and assemble card.

Here you can see I have stamped the same flourish on to my base card in brown ink for some extra interest.

So when would you send this card....
How about making it as an invitation  to a Macmillan coffee morning.

Just a quick note to end with.
Here are three samples on three different brands of glossy card stocks the brown one is  from Woodware.  Now you see why I said not to use it.  Well unless you want a very muted effect that is.

 The darker blue is Fuji lightweight photo paper. Heavier weight Fuji papers go sticky and do not work.
Some of the cheaper photo papers from places like Wilkos and  Asda  work well.

The lighter blue is an unknown brand of glossy card stock......You maybe surprised to read that I used exactly the same colour ink on both the blue samples,  but the results are surprisingly different.

 So I am afraid,  it is a case of try out different  brands of  glossy card and photo paper to  find the one that gives you the result you want. When you find the one the gives best result do make a note of the brand,  then you will remember which one to buy in the future. I didn't,    so I am now on a mission to find out which card stock I used to get the pale blue effect. It may have been a Stampin up one but I wouldn't swear to that.

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