Sunday, 31 May 2015

Stazon cleaner saves the day

 Apologies for repeating this post.... If you saw it yesterday, you will know I was having a problem with the text on my blog so I am re writing it today, hopefully it will be easier to read now.

I have a TIP  I want to share with you all today. It is something I discovered this morning.

But first I will tell you the event that lead up to this discovery.
Last night I was sat colouring in the Blended bloom image with my Blendies  (Alcohol Pens) while watching the TV.
 As I took the lid off the Rich Razzleberry pen the ink in the lid splattered all over my lovely new Joules top,
I didn't notice this until later. when I dropped the pen and it too  landed on my top. leaving a stain about the size of an old half penny. Then I noticed all the other marks.
So this morning I tried to get the stains out.
 I tried stain removing products with no joy,  then I tried applying a drop of bleach to each mark.
 But the stains didn't budge. So then I tried rubbing alcohol with no affect.
Then I tried nail polish remover as suggested on internet but the stains still remained.

Then I had one of those light bulb moment.....Stazon cleaner,  I had nothing to lose, the top was basically ruined anyway.
 I really didn't expect  a very good result, especially after everything else I had tried had failed, but it worked a treat so I just had to share this little tip.

I placed a small wad of tissue under each stain and began dabbing each mark with the Stazon cleaner.
When each mark was soaked  I rubbed and pressed and pushed the stain with my index finger and this seemed to push the stains through the fabric into the tissue below.

Once the stains had all but vanished and the fabric was looking mucky but with litle or no outline left of the stains,  I applied a little Fairy Liquid to the now  muddy looking mark and rubbed it in well. After a few seconds of rubbing and pressing,  I rinsed the cleaner and the soap out and all the stains were gone.

I do recommend you use a new Stazon cleaner. Mine was very mucky and it left worrying black /grey puddles on the fabric but they did come out  with the Fairy Liquid  (dish washing detergent to those of you in other parts of the world)
I also recommend you test the stazon on a small area of the fabric which won't be seen,before you try this just to be sure your fabric won't be damaged further.  My top was cotton but the swatch below is polyester.

And just to prove this works here are some photos of the process

                            I deliberately stained with  Rich Razzleberry  ink.
                             Place a small wad of tissue under each stain.

Stazon cleaner applied directly to the  stain. Rub into the stain with index finger,  pressing hard and pushing the stain through the fabric into the tissue below. Apply more Stazon fluid as necessary, continue to work stain through the fabric by pushing it through into the tissue below.

When Stain is no longer prominent apply a little washing up liquid and rub into the fabric well still pushing and pressing with your finger.

Rinse the treated area well then wash the garment as normal. To get rid of any excess Cleaning fluid.
 As you can see the ink stain has completely gone and the tissue is pretty stained from where it has soaked up the stain.

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