Saturday, 4 April 2015

Inlaid Embossing Background

This card is certainly more colourful than my normal cards and a great way to use up all those tiny scraps of card  and it's quick too.

Here's how to create this card.
You'll need five different size circle punches or dies for best result.

Start  punching out some some circles in your chosen colours. 
With a larger punch,  punch over the last hole   punched keep doing this 

Change the sizes of the holes  in the circles and the position of the holes.

Punch  enough to cover  your card stock.   

Just press the circles lightly to the top of a glue stick and position  on your card stock.
Don't forget to have some overlapping the edges.

Once card stock is covered  Place in an embossing folder with a small tight pattern and run it through your embossing/ die cutting machine.
You need a close patterned  embossing folder so that the smaller pieces are not missed out when embossing. I use a Stampin' up embossing folder called Square lattice for this technique.

Then trim back the edges  and layer it up and mount it onto you card and add a sentiment of your choice. And that my crafty friends,  is all there is to this technique.

And just to finish here's a closer look at the embossing,


Sharon Steinwand said...

Such patience you have. I like your attention to detail.

Laura Kimber said...

Thank you so much Sharon